Vision & Mission


Vision & Mission


Our Vision

At Hai-O International, we offer excellent quality products and superb business opportunity to enrich the lives of community we serve.

Our Mission

  • We strive to offer the most innovative products of the highest quality and value.
  • We exist for the betterment of the entire community through providing every member with the opportunity to be an outstanding leader in entrepreneurship.
  • We are committed to build a large global family of distributors of the highest integrity.


Our Corporate Values

  • Customer Satisfaction:Through excellent quality products and superior service, we strive to delight our customers beyond their expectations.
  • Competitiveness:Through capitalising on our competitive advantage and knowledge, we strive to remain at the forefront of time to ensure continuous improvement and growth.
  • Work Culture: Through building a knowledge-based working environment, we strive to synergise by pulling our resources together to achieve our goals in the challenging business world.
  • Responsibilities:In recognising our responsibility as employees, we strive to provide reliable returns to our valued shareholders.
  • Society:In appreciation of the fortunes the society has made possible, we strive to repay the society by helping its deserving members through our actions and monetary support.
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