Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System

Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System

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Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System integrates with the newly innovated Nano technology to supply clean, alkaline water with high energy.

Six uniquely designed filters have been equipped with various functions each to provide the best drinking water.

FILTER A: Cleaning
It filters 99.999% contaminants such as rust, dirt, bacteria and sand silt with its 0.9 micron filter pores. 

FILTER B: Removing odour
It removes odour, colour, tastes, detergents and any contaminants which may cause bacteria growth.

FILTER C: Stabilizing and enriching with minerals
It utilizes NSF standards conformed activated carbon block and KDF metal ion to filter heavy metals, chlorine as well as stabilizes water, eliminates bacteria and algae. Besides, the resin softens water molecules and enriches water with minerals. 

FILTER D: Safety
It meets international safety standards. Water molecules can be absorbed easily while heavy metals, radioactive substances, chemicals and pesticides been removed vastly.

FILTER E: High energy
Energy conversion technology breaks water into smaller water molecules effectively for easy absorption by human body. Besides, it enriches the oxygen content in water to supply body with more oxygen.

FILTER F: Alkaline
It utilizes high-tech energy stabilizer with Nano technology to stabilize energy in small water molecule clusters. Besides, it regulates pH value of water effectively to provide a slightly alkaline drinking water for body to promote cellular metabolism, activate immune system and enhance detoxification.


What technology has been used in Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System?
Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System integrates with Nano Technology and Six Stages filtration to supply clean, alkaline water with high energy.

What is the pH value of filtered Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System energy water?
The water is slightly alkaline after being filtered by Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System, which is good for our health.

Does Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System require power supply?
No, Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System does not require power supply; therefore it saves energy and cost.

How long is the warranty period of Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System?
The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase. 

Should I replace every filter at the same time?
No, you should replace each filter according to the recommended schedule. Filter A, B, C = 1 year, Filter D, E = 3 years, Filter F = 5 years.


  • Qualified material: The best material has been utilized for making filters.
  • Designed for easy maintenance: Turn-and-lock system allows user to clean and replace filters conveniently.
  • Easy installation: Accessories given can fit various water taps.
  • Colourful filter cover: Different colours allow users to distinguish between filters conveniently.
  • Bigger-sized filter: It provides greater capacity and ensures its effectiveness.
  • Can be used widely: It is suitable to be installed at home, office, factory, shop and restaurant.
  • It saves energy and cost because no electric supply is required.
  • It is safe to use because Bio Aura energy water can be taken directly without boiling.
  • Promotes health completely with nano-sized nutrients and high-content of oxygen.
  • Enhances cellular activity with double bio-energy.
  • Enhances nutrients absorption with nano molecules.
  • Maintains health with  mineral-rich content
  • Ensures the safety of drinking water by eliminating toxin, bacteria, chlorine and heavy metals.
  • Removes unpleasant odour.
  • Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System helps to regulate pH value of our body because human body requires slightly alkaline pH water.
  • Maintains beautiful and smooth skin as well as freshness of foods.

Connect water pipe to Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System, and then allow water passes through each filter for filtration for ten minutes. Filtered water is ready to be used after that.

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